At TCT Tyne to Tweed we work closely with local people and communities. We use donations carefully to help strengthen the resources in local communities to help people flourish.

The projects and activities we support are always local – created with local people and local communities. They start small, and then they grow. Anyone managing on a tight budget will tell you how important the pennies are. It’s the same for donations. Whether it’s pennies or pounds, anything you give will make a big difference.

Because we only work locally, we don’t have big overheads so you can be sure that anything you give us will be made to count.

To make a donation via our Charities Aid Foundation online giving page click the donation button below. To find out more, or to make a cash, cheque or donation through the bank, contact TCT Tyne to Tweed:

Thank you for your support, Together we can make a difference.